Masonry Repair

Masonry failures and unaddressed repairs on buildings can cause unsafe and costly concerns for building owners.  Proper knowledge of the most modern restoration methods and timely rehabilitation can reduce those risks significantly.  Zavorski Masonry Restoration masons are fully trained in all the latest corrective procedures and materials to ensure a successful remedy.

Historic Restoration

We at Zavorski Masonry Restoration are keenly aware of the importance of proper maintenance and restoration of our nation’s historic structures.  We take great pride and care when working on these iconic treasures.  Our masons have completed the extensive training required to work with many of the materials used in restoring the facade and masonry components of these structures.  

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair can range from the very simple to the extremely complex.  Parking garage facilities, concrete building facades, balconies and other structural elements can experience a variety of failures which, if left unattended, can lead to much more extensive repairs and unsafe conditions.  The team at Zavorski Masonry Restoration has the skills and training to deal with all types of concrete repair problems and we collaborate with structural engineers to develop the most effective solutions to these repairs.

Stone Repair

With the wide variety of stone types used in the construction industry also comes a wide variety of repair types.  Traditional rubble stone, used on building veneers, chimneys and garden walls often experience failures due to a number of conditions.  These failures include deterioration of the stones themselves, loss of outer portions of the stone and cracking.  Zavorski Masonry Restoration employs experienced stone masons skilled at rebuilding and restoring these structures to their original appearance.

Caulking & Waterproofing

Often overlooked as an important part of a buildings makeup, failed joints sealants (caulking) are notably one of the biggest contributors to structural failures and water infiltration to a building’s façade.  When caulking fails, such as around window perimeters or at the roof caps of the building walls, water migrates into the masonry façade.  In colder climates, this water freezes in the masonry causing cracks and deterioration.  Often the original steel anchors corrode and fail causing masonry displacement.  Our masons are thoroughly trained in all aspects of caulking and waterproofing.  Regular maintenance of a structure's sealant systems will help prevent larger problems down the road and will add life to the building's façade.